i was walking to school today from where we park our car and OH MAN! were the birds singing SUPER loudly. it just made me smile. i LOVE spring. it also got me to thinking about life (because i can be pretty deep sometimes) and how amazing it is that spring can happen ANYTIME in our lives when we have God in our lives. no matter how deep and cold and dead winter was in our hearts and minds yesterday, today can be the beginning of spring. it’s a pretty incredible thought.


i’ve noticed lately that i can be pretty critical and negative – saying things about people that i would NEVER say to their faces, but i have no problem saying them to other people. i’ve vowed to really try to change that. SSOO instead of saying something negative, i want to stop, take a moment, PRAY about the situation, and then move on without saying anything negative. i really want to try to be MUCH more positive in my words and in my thoughts.


something else i’ve noticed, and this is through my bible studies, is that i may have an issue with this little thing called pride. or, at least i THOUGHT i did until last night. someone in my bible study mentioned that he has little confidence in himself and his wife disagreed with him, which prompted him to say ‘i was successful because i was so afraid of failure’. that’s one of those statements that makes me go ‘huh’. do i REALLY have an issue with pride or is it an issue of lack of self-confidence and total fear of failure that drives me to be as successful in everything i do and to put on a mask of pride? it’s amazing how attitudes can very logically be sorted through and interpreted two different ways. the question is, which was is the CORRECT interpretation?


i have kind of decided that i (AGAIN!) need to go shopping. this time for capris, shorts and skirts. i only have 2 pair of capris and 2 skirts. i mean, seriously?! how will i get through spring with only 4 options?! so i guess we’ll have to see what the budget has to say about such purchases, but man oh man, is it hard for me to go through spring in pants. and really, these gorgeous legs need to BREATHE!!


school is wrapping up. there are only 6 weeks left and it seems like there is not much to do, but that not much is actually going to be pretty hard work. *sigh* i have a 10-ish page research paper to do, my research project to finish up and make into a powerpoint for a 20 min. presentation, 2 tests in the class where NO ONE has gotten an A on a test YET, and probably one more final paper. i mean, it’s not much, but wow, does it seem time consuming. especially when i am very quickly losing my motivation due to graduationitis.


i’m having a ladies night IN! in a few weeks and i am SO excited about it! i am going to get to hang out with a bunch of awesome ladies, drink wine or something, watch some sassy/ridiculous movies, chat chat chat and just have a really good time. i miss socializing with my friends.

so what’s new with you?


3 thoughts on “shorties…

  1. maaaaaam says:

    On the comment about pride – even a lack of confidence can be a form of pride – false pride. Anytime we don’t seek to see ourselves as God sees us – holy and blameless in His eyes (Eph 1:4) then we are letting pride get in the way and telling God that we aren’t worthy of Him. And if that’s the case, then why did Christ die on the cross for us? Pretty crappy to have that attitude. I’ve been there, done that and own too many t-shirts on that one. God doesn’t want us to live in fear of failure – he wants us to live in the peace that he alone provides to us. It’s grasping the truth of that verse – we are holy and blameless in his eyes. He doesn’t measure us by the worlds standards but through the blood of Christ which makes us perfect. Amazing, huh? Glad to hear about the attitude change. Have fun with the rest of your school year!! (and your ladies night).

  2. ashley says:

    I have a problem with pride AND fear of failure. haha. But I like C.S. Lewis’s interpretation, that every sin resorts back to pride. It’s true. Even fear of failure shows that you are putting your faith in yourself and your own abilities rather than God’s abilities THROUGH you. Which, of course, is totally human. We are always battling with our pride. Ego vs. the Spirit, right?

    And I just read your friend’s comment above and realized I said the same thing. HAHA.

    Love what you said about spring and it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes EVER: “To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

    We love spring, but let’s always appreciate the other seasons we must continually go thru to get there 🙂

    • cari says:

      everything you said is absolutely true. i never thought of it that way. i love that quote!

      i also think i can manage to APPRECIATE the other seasons, though it doesn’t mean i have to LIKE them! haha.

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