the things they fail to tell you about LONG distance running…

so… it’s no secret, i’m training for a half marathon. and honestly, i am LOVING every second of it. well, every second but the blisters part. i have to run 13 miles in 4 weeks but i keep getting these darn blisters on my long runs and i have to keep cutting those runs short! i don’t have enough time to build up the callouses that i need! gah!!!

which means i may have to rethink something. specifically my shoe choice. i’ve been running with those crazy 5-finger shoes (which i LOVE!), BUT when i get a blister, i pretty much can’t run until they go away because it’s just my foot in the shoe. no socks.

i’m wondering if perhaps purchasing another pair of shoes that i can wear with socks wouldn’t be a really good idea. i just hate the thought of spending yet ANOTHER $100 or so on something. all i’ve done lately is shop (or so it seems)!!! i know that if i just had more time, i could build up those callouses and it really, honestly wouldn’t be a problem. then i could wear my shoes that i really like AND go for those many mile runs that i’m starting to enjoy.

another thing they fail to tell you about LONG distance running is the necessity of proper during-run fueling. okay, that’s a lie. they tell you ALL the time. what they DON’T tell you is how NASTY the power gels are. maybe i should back up a little. power gels are carbs and sugars and whatnot in a glue-like paste that just MIGHT have a little flavor but you can’t really tell because all you can think about is the nasty glue-like feeling stuff in your mouth. however. i have some ANYWAY. and i think they really help. running buddy and i made it almost 7.5 miles yesterday (before i decided i should NOT try to finish our 10 mile run since blisters had been forming for the past, oh… 2 miles or so) and we felt REALLY great! it’s hard to know what REALLY was the cause of it, but i’m pretty sure it was the combination of the powerade and the gels. we also ran our route backward, which means we went through residential areas FIRST and did the long stretches of road last. running through residential sometimes can really be a killer – you can’t QUITE figure out how far you’ve gone and how far to go. running on major roads is WAY easier, you can almost always see your turn, even if it’s 2 miles away. you think you can see it.

anyway, i fell like this has been a little rantastic, so i’ll stop. it just irritates me that i have to slow down what i’m doing because my feet are so tender and soft. darn feet. suck it up!


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