The Job…

So I got a job. It’s full-time. It’s Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. With benefits. Yep. I work for a non-profit organization that helps individuals with chemical dependency and mental illness to achieve as independent living as possible for them and their specific situation. That means that I could be helping them to clean or grocery shop or socialize or exercise. Lots of things. Lots of situations. I’m excited.

So that takes care of #1 on my 26 before 26 list.

I’m also starting on #23, which is try a new recipe every month. I don’t know if this entirely counts, but we have had pork chops in the freezer for entirely TOO LONG. So I decided since today is a menu ‘whatever we have to eat’ day, I thought I would google a good pork chop marinade. I don’t know if the marinade is going to be good, I really have no idea. However, it was the only one that I actually already had all the ingredients. It’s veg. oil, soy cause, ketchup, vinegar, and pepper. Let it marinade for a few hours (which it is doing in the fridge as we speak) and then I’ll bake it in tin foil with some of the leftover marinade and see if it’s edible. I feel like pork chops can get REALLY dry, so I’m hoping that the marinade will help them to NOT be so dry. Like I said, we’ll see.

I’m working sort of diligently on #15 (finish reading the Red Wings book). I was going to punch it out yesterday, but I ended up reading training manuals and stuff instead. Probably a good idea. I’ll keep working on it though.

I also have an unintentional start on #26, get to know more people at church because we just joined a music appreciation life group and I barely know ANYBODY in that group. This is a group that gets together and talks about a song – the lyrics, what it might mean, what can we take away from it, what does the Bible say about the themes we’ve discovered – and it’s a really cool group. We went for the first time last night and while it wasn’t entirely what I expected, it was really cool. I’m excited to use some of my musicky skills again.


2 thoughts on “The Job…

  1. jeneypeney says:


    We definitely need to do grilling and celebratory beers SOON! How does next week look for you two?

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