feeling crafty…

I’m sorry I’ve been so behind in blogging AND reading, but this adjustment to a 40-hour work week is much tougher than I thought it would be. I am definitely enjoying my job, but I come home and by the time we get finished with dinner and eating it, I’m simply done for the night. I don’t have a computer at work, so I can’t even keep up over my lunch hour. Oh well, right? At least I’m trying to catch up a little bit this morning.

Lately, I’ve been back into the knitting/crocheting thing. It all started when my friend was about to have a baby and I knitted/crocheted some stuff for little baby. Since I was doing some of it at work, a coworker paid me $20 to make her a golf club sock/hat/cover thing. Then I decided that I wanted one of those artsy, flospy, super cute hats, but I didn’t want to PAY to get one or even to take the time shopping for it – I just wanted one. So… I made one. Then a different coworker wanted one. So I made another one. This, my friends, is what I made (don’t mind the giant ball of yarn as a mannequin head…):

Once I get yarn from my two previously mentioned coworkers, I’m going to make two more of these sweet hats. One of them thinks I should open an etsy shop. I think not, but I can see what she means. I would just be afraid of this turning into something I don’t want to do anymore.

I’ve also discovered a yarn store quite close to where I live and I saw this ADORABLE hat there (of which I do not have a picture, apologies) with this really cool almost weaving looking pattern. I asked the lady that worked there what it was called and she said some funny word that I didn’t understand and then she said they have a class on learning how to do that.

Several days later, I FINALLY went to their website and found the class and it’s called ‘entrelac knitting’. Showing here:

I saw that the class was $16 and because I’m SUCH a cheapwad, I decided I didn’t want to pay to learn how to do it unless youtube absolutely could NOT teach me how to do it. Well, as you can see, youtube successfully taught me and I’m well on my way to making a scarf (or something). I have to admit, I am just having the time of my life learning new stitches and everything. I think that my next adventure MAY just be learning how to make a sweater, because how cool would that be? The only think is that I’m not very good at reading patterns and following them. Especially complex patterns, so I may be back to that yarn store for some good education on reading patterns. The best part is that the yarn wasn’t NEARLY as expensive as I thought it would be and the lady working that day was wonderful and helpful and nice. It was one of the best yarn store experiences I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go back.


5 thoughts on “feeling crafty…

  1. Kayla B says:

    oooo…that weird name knitting thing is really cool! i might have to check that out…also, if you have questions on reading patterns, i might be able to help you!

  2. Ada says:

    Beautiful work! I love those hats: I can see why they’re in such demand. I’ve never don enterlac but always thought it looked cool. Happy knitting!!

  3. kim says:

    Such gorgeous stuff! You really have a knack for this.

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