Moving in…

We moved into our house on Friday and what an adventure we’ve had since! We were very excited to get in and get going and then within hours of closing, we found our first MAJOR project on the house which yes, does require getting a structural engineer out here. Super fun. He should be coming tomorrow.

We then went to put things in the fridge and found that a) there is no light on the inside and b) the door shelves have holes in them, which is perfect. It shimmies and shudders before THUMPING when the refrigeration cycle ends. Also, it’s probably as old as me. We WERE going to replace that right away, but problem #1 kind of put a damper on that plan.

Next to go was the washer. First it took about an hour and a half do wash one satin bed skirt and then failed to finish the next cycle of clothes. Our dryer also has a wonderful THUD sound every revolution, which is not exactly what one likes to hear when clothes should be drying.

None of our hallway lights work and when we bought some night lights to put in the hallways, there are no outlets to do that either. All the carpet needs to be replaced because it’s either old, stained, or frayed and falling apart. We have to paint the shed this summer so it doesn’t rot to pieces. Finally, pretty much every surface that isn’t wood or carpeted has been painted beige. Yes, even ceilings.

Home sweet home, right?

Now, onto the good parts. We painted the kitchen a WONDERFUL red that complements that beige color, so that’s a win. We also painted the basement Red Wings red and white. It looks AWESOME and completely changes the feel of the basement.

We have a garden and a sandbox. With toys. We also have 3 flowerbeds around the house.

Every window in the house has been replaced with nice windows and the main bathroom was redone and has heated floors.

We have a gas range that I haven’t had a chance to really cook on yet, but it’s nice. We also have a pretty awesome dishwasher that admittedly, takes a while to wash the dishes. The dishes come out clean though, and that’s the important part.

We have some nice shelves in the basement storage room that will definitely come in handy.

The most important thing we found over this weekend actually aren’t things at all. They are people. We have amazing friends who took time out of their weekend to help us move, paint, and deal with all of the things that have been dumped on our heads in 6 days. We have family who is willing to help us buy things that we couldn’t otherwise afford. We have friends who let us complain and cry on their shoulders when things get to be too much and offer comfort when there is nothing to be said or done.

We are truly very, very blessed to have who and what we have in our lives. Even if we end up having to shoulder the entire burden of the issues in this house that we are certain the previous owners omitted, we know that God will get us through this. With his strength and power, we can handle this. With the friends placed in our lives, we can handle this. Are we justified in being mad and annoyed? Of course. For a few days, I was. I was mad, annoyed, upset, frustrated, you name it. Now, I’m choosing to focus on the blessings we have and the blessing we have of being able to even own our house. Not everyone can do that. We are truly blessed and we should focus on that.

I’m really looking forward to the future and what it can bring in terms of growth and friendships. I’m looking forward to less exposure and technology by getting rid of facebook. I’m looking forward to the freedom that offers and the intentionality it brings in keeping up with friends and family. I’m looking forward to simplifying and enjoying this short life I have. There is too much else out there to waste my time browsing a web site that too often is unedifying and leaves me feeling worse than when I logged in.

Here’s to looking to the horizon and seeing the opportunities it affords.


One thought on “Moving in…

  1. jeneypeney says:

    🙂 Love you!

    Here is that shop I told you about! I need you to pick out some pictures you think you would like for your kitchen… I was thinking the onions, asparagus, and blueberries?

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