my new favorite word…

… is ‘pithy’.

For some reason, I always thought this was a negative word. Perhaps it’s because it is kind of looks like pitiful. It kind of sounds like a depressing word to me. All of that because I honestly had NO idea what it meant. So when someone used it to describe the comments I leave, I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or not. Then I looked it up:

pithy: concise and forcefully expressive.

wait, what???

concise. forcefully expressive.


For probably my whole life, I’ve not been one to beat around the bush or try to sugar coat things I’m trying to say. Diplomacy isn’t exactly my greatest strength. In fact, just this Sunday, I was at church for the Sheet Music q&a wrap up session on the sex series we’ve had at church. Someone asked a question and I answered it in 5 words: “It depends on your motivation” and was pointed out as being honest and straight to the point. Was it meant as a compliment? I don’t know, but I took it as one.

Something I have noticed growing up in the church is that critical or sensitive issues are often treated quite obliquely and in a beat-around-the-bush nature. Either that, or the answer to every question is Jesus. That frustrates me. While I agree that focusing on our relationship with God will indeed begin to wipe out our insecurities, sometimes a more practical answer is needed in the moment. Sometimes questions need to be answered in a straight-forward manner. Sometimes the truth needs to come out as blunt and bare as it is. I would even vote that it’s way more than just sometimes. Most times.

I would love to see more brutally honest questions followed by brutally honest answers in the church. I’d like to see people challenged and then GROW in their faith because of a hard answer. I’d love to watch people chew on a truth for a while and then figure out how to apply it to their lives. That doesn’t seem to happen very often and I’m not sure why. I am a thinker and I like to have things that make me think, that make me process, that make me consider how best to live my life. It’s not comfortable thinking that how I’m living is wrong or the choices I make are not the most godly choices. It’s not comfortable knowing that there is more I could be doing to make my life healthier and to grow closer to God.

Life is not meant to be comfortable.

Especially as a Christian.

(see that pithy thing again?)

We as Christians have willingly stepped into a life of discomfort. We choose to swim against the stream of this world. We choose to be different. We choose real life – painful, gritty, beautiful. We choose Christ. To choose Christ is to not choose myself, is to not choose my desires, is to not choose looking out for only myself. It’s to choose servanthood and self-denial – probably the 2 most difficult things for humans to do. To put others above myself? To deny what I want now in favor of something better later?

Jesus addressed these things and he was pithy in his statements as well. Jesus did not mince words. Jesus cared for this world. He had grace and compassion. I strive to be the same.


6 thoughts on “my new favorite word…

  1. How funny! I left a message on your About that subsequently got deleted (I failed to properly sign in). In that message, I thanked you for leaving your PITHY comments on my blog. I kid you not. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

    And I get the thing about privacy – which is why I’m Holiday Longing and nobody else is (or knows who I am – well, sort of).

  2. It took me til 10:28 PM to finally “get” what happened here.

    I left a comment earlier today on your About page using the term Pithy which led you to write about that very word (above). However, since I believed the internet had eaten my comment, not to be seen by you, I thought it a remarkable coincidence that you actually wrote about Pithy the same day I commented using that word.

    I am slow to learn (and really tired, too). There’s a word for that: dim.

    Not as good as pithy, but “dim” says it all.

    • cari says:

      It made me smile, multiple times, and that makes your apparent dimness worth it. There are more days than I’d like to admit that I would have done the same thing.

      • And it only gets worse with time. It’s quite sad that as I get older I am forced to use the thesaurus to find a word I knew only the week before! LOL.

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