One thing after another…

We are finding quite surely that homeownership is one never-ending project. This is something that people have told us, but it’s definitely something else to figure out on your own. We’ve been here for two weeks now and we’ve replaced this and fixed that only to have this break and that clog and on and on it goes. Add to that the normal housekeeping duties, and we’re busy almost all the time. Weekends are spent fixing and planting and growing and mowing and weeknights are spent just trying to conserve what little energy we have left to make it through the next workday.

It’s not all bad, though, and I know it. I think the right word at this time is ‘overwhelming’. It’s the eternal homeowner’s debate of ‘can we fix this ourselves and if not, can we afford a professional?’ In apartment life, it’s definitely easier because you just call up the maintenance guy and he shows up the next day and fixes the problem. If it’s not fixed, he just keeps coming until it is. No money exchanges hands and you keep going. Owning a home is a completely different story.

Overall, I am enjoying it. I am just finding myself drained of energy. Work drains me so much and then I come home to boxes that still need to be unpacked and hoping that we can get through another day without something else breaking and hopefully no one telling us that we bought an old house and this is what comes with a house.

It’s these times, as tough as they are, that show us how blessed we really are. We are able to buy a house, able to fix the things that need to be fixed, able to replace worn out appliances and the like. We have friends who support us and counsel us, who let us borrow their things, who bless us with just being there to listen. We are blessed with family to help us when we need it in the numerous ways they help. We are definitely not down on our luck. We are simply learning what it takes to own a home, though I would think we’re probably learning on slightly hard-mode given that so much has happened in the first two weeks. All in all, it’s wonderful to be HOME. To put paint on the walls and nail holes wherever we like and take this down and move that and watch movies wonderfully loudly. To have a place to call our own and to care for it in the way we see fit and not in the way the landlord would see fit.

As tired as I am, I find it harder and harder to complain about the things that are going on. Not because I’m too tired to do so, but because I see that our blessing outweigh everything else that’s going on. Hopefully in the next week I’ll find some energy to take some pictures of the homestead and let everyone see what’s going on around here.


2 thoughts on “One thing after another…

  1. kgaus46 says:

    You are so making me second guess my excitement to be a future homeowner…

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