New Beginnings


New times, new life, new experiences.

That’s my story right now. A former regular professional turned stay at home mom with a small daycare. I have a four month old daughter with whom I am obsessed. I never knew I could feel this way about someone. Most new parents say that.


I love her and I love the opportunity to spend all day with her, experiencing life together, however I have one major fear and that is the main motivation for this blog.

I am afraid of becoming boring. Of losing myself in the process of loving and raising kids. Of becoming so wrapped up in them that I forget me and what makes me interesting. This is my accountability log. It is my hope that this will keep me accountable to continue to seek life amidst the chaos of just living. I love to read nerdy things, so I will share my thoughts there. I love to watch movies, so I will share gems I pull from what we watch. I love to knit, so I will proudly display my finished creations. I love to run, so I will share my trials and triumphs of running and training. I love writing and someday, would love to finish my novel that I started years ago in college. I can’t get better at writing if I never write. I will share and discover more of who I am here.

I am excited for this new journey.