I am exhausted

Today is one of those days.

This week is one of those weeks.

Mae (the baby) got her four month shots this week, plus she is teething. So she feels like crap, isn’t really able to sleep, and is much more demanding than I am used to. She is usually very easy going, but when she doesn’t feel good that goes right out the window.

Case in point: right now she won’t sleep if I lay her in the crib, but she’ll sleep on the couch snuggled next to me. My husband was up until 2 am last night because she wouldn’t sleep when we laid her down. I found him laying on her floor sleeping this morning.

It is so frustrating to have someone feel so terrible and yet she can’t communicate what’s wrong so I can’t really help her. I remember feeling helpless like this when she had to be readmitted at 2 days old for her jaundice.

Spa day Mae

I stayed at the hospital, slept on their chair bed thing (except I didn’t really sleep because she was awake every 2 or so hours to eat), and felt bad. This helpless little girl and her helpless mama. Now again, 4 months old – this helpless girl and her helpless mama.

Parents, how do we get through these times? I know in my head it is so temporary, but right now it feels endless. I am emotionally drained, completely exhausted, my poor dogs have been neglected all week, and I just can’t help but feel terrible, like I’m letting all of them down.

What do you do to get through these times? How and where do you find encouragement?



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