The many names of me

I am reading a book by R.C. Sprouls about Jesus.

The latest chapter I’m reading is about the names of Jesus and the significance of those names. The fact that he accepted all of those different names says something about his character, about the man he was. All of them are right. All of these small pieces put together begin to create a picture of the whole man he was.

This got me thinking about my descriptors – who I am.














Puppy mama.

puppy mama

Daycare Provider.

Hiker (or mountain climber when you’re from Fargo)


Follower of Christ.



Nursery volunteer at church.


Each of these titles brings to mind a set of beliefs and actions that say something about the kind of person I am. Taken as a whole, I think these names do a pretty good job of summing up what is important to me.

As I look over the list, I see some common themes that run through – Doer, Giver. I give of myself to those I love for causes I believe in and I get out and do things. I use the body I have to enjoy the creation God has given all of us. Of course, too often I am inside, trapped by this or that seeming obligation, but I enjoy being outside. I feel at peace, I feel calm when I am out there.

For too long in my life, I have not looked at these titles for me in a positive light. I always seemed to find the ways I failed in these roles – Friend who doesn’t call her friends. Daughter who is distant. Aunt who doesn’t visit enough. Runner who isn’t consistent with her training. Writer who doesn’t write. Follower of Christ who doesn’t read her Bible or pray enough.

Don’t we all do this too much? We see different facets of ourselves and can only see how we are doing poorly.

This book I’ve been reading has helped me to look at these roles for myself in a much more positive light.

Friend who works to grow new friendships. Daughter who is working on developing a better relationship with her parents. Aunt who finds creative ways to stay in touch (still working on this one). Runner who will run a marathon four and half months after having a beautiful, healthy daughter. Writer who created a blog to stretch her writing muscles. Follower of Christ who lives her beliefs and intentionally works to read the Bible and pray more.

Mom who takes time for herself to grow and develop interests so that one day when her kids are all grown up, who she is doesn’t walk out the door with each child.

I owe it to myself and to my family to continue to explore these titles, these descriptors, these interests so that I remain my own person. To not do that is to insult the God that created me how I am. To not do that is to betray my family by not becoming the best person I can be. To not do that is to be a terrible role model for my children as they grow and find themselves.

I want to be able to look at myself and say “yes, I want my children to be like me”. I have a long way to go, but I am committed to respecting who I am and being the best me I can be – all parts of me.

Who are you? What are some of your descriptors? Do you see them in a positive or negative light? How can you continue to develop yourself for the betterment of yourself and your family?


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