Napping strike??

Suddenly, in the last two or three days, Mae has decided to not take naps. She just lays in her crib and cries and screams. For 20 minutes or more. She used to cry for a little bit and then would drift off to sleep.

I have been at the end of my rope about this – the middle of the day comes and I want nothing to do with her anymore. I don’t want to hold her, I don’t want to be around her. I’m simply beyond annoyed with her and no amount of “I’m happy to see you!!” smiles can wipe away the irritation.

I’ve been trying to identify the source of her sudden sleep strike.

We just moved her to cloth diapers, but she sleeps fine at night in them.

She is teething. Today, I gave her some teething stuff before nursing and laying her down. Yet I still hear her screaming upstairs.

She napped a little over an hour ago – only about 15 minutes so that could be the problem. She naps fine when I’m holding her, but I’m not going to hold her all day so she can sleep. And I don’t want to spend an hour rocking or whatever, either.

I’ve asked Google why she’s not sleeping, but Google has no answers for me.

I know this is all part of having a baby, learning all these things, but listening to her cry so much during the day just wears me down. I just want to make the house super loud and put on headphones so I can’t hear her anymore.

Man I’m tired. I suppose I should go check on the screaming child.

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