Embracing My Role At Home

I have dedicated this blog to helping me live in pursuit of life and not the brainless, monotonous grind that daily life can become.

James and I have been talking about living a more Earth friendly, stewardly life. Lately, though, we haven’t been doing a great job. We’ve gotten caught up in the busyness of life and have been a little bit on autopilot. Last week, we decided to complete a bible study we had started when we were leading a group a couple years ago now. We still have all the materials but never finished because our group stopped showing up. We had a really, really good conversation last night and one of the questions really got me thinking.

“Practically speaking, what would it look like for you to “put your hand to the plow” and not look back when it comes to following God?”

For me, that really means embracing being home all the time. It means learning to be content here. It means focusing my energy on my home instead of on what else I can do to earn money or whatever else I’m feeling insecure about at the moment. James and I came to the conclusion together that the best thing for our whole family is for me to be here. We reached this decision together. Lately I have been looking for and thinking about and wanting a job outside the home – something to earn a little more money, something to be away for a bit.


I realized something last night: that’s not my calling. Me pulling my weight around here doesn’t revolve solely around financials. Pulling my weight means managing this household the best I can – providing my daughter and dogs and husband with what they need. Keeping the house somewhat clean. Sort of keeping up on dishes. Trying to live within the budget.

The part I have had the hardest time keeping up with is food. I enjoy cooking, but I’ve been a little burned out on planning and making meals. I think it’s because I’m going about it all the wrong way. We have transitioned our diet to mostly whole foods and way less prepackaged, pre-processed foods. Of course, this means more work in preparing meals. There are days I just don’t have the energy to think about supper and we simply don’t have the kinds of things around to make a meal. Like I said, we’ve been slacking.

I have decided, though, to really embrace this role at home. To stop worrying about how much money I am or am not bringing in. To stop lamenting the money wasted on degrees I don’t use. To stop beating myself up for our debt. In order to move forward, I HAVE to stop looking back.

What does this really look like though?


It looks like preserving foods. It looks like taking a weekend once per month to make freezer meals so that we always have something to pull out and eat, so James always has something to take to work for lunch. It means spending less money on groceries because we are spending smarter. It means paying attention. I do what I can to not wastefully use electricity and water, now I need to do the same thing with groceries and food.


We use cloth diapers and old t-shirt wipes. We make our own baby food. Why are we having such a hard time with adult food? No more! I want to commit to pulling my weight and really embracing what that  means. Embracing the NON-financial aspect of that. I wouldn’t call us wasteful by any means, but I know we can do better. I know *I* can do better. It is time to start looking forward, surrendering my life and will to God’s plan and to stop trying to figure out how to squeeze what I want into that.


I say I love being home. Now I need to start living like I really believe that.


Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.” –Luke 9:62



3 thoughts on “Embracing My Role At Home

  1. Courtney says:

    I look at you and feel like I’m looking at my future. And I already feel insecure about not having a job someday, even though I’m doing my best now to put as much money in savings as possible.

    You should take a look at emeals.com – it’s a subscription based meal planning service that plans for you a week at a time, makes your grocery list, and bases the meals and groceries on what’s on sale at your local grocery store that week. There are some meal plans that would definitely fit in with your goal of eating more whole foods. You’ll make the money back you spent on the subscription in savings the first month. It’s pretty brilliant. We tried it for a few weeks and then we fell off the bandwagon because we were travelling so much and working weird hours for awhile, but it’s really helpful when you’re sticking to a standard schedule, and the food is delicious. 🙂

    • cari says:

      My heart leapt when I saw this comment from you! Good heavens, I’ve missed you, friend! I’ve actually just been listening to your music. The old stuff. That you used to email to me (Boyfriend anyone?).

      I should definitely take a look at that. It sounds like something that would be amazing. I was (as usual) going to try to plan a month at a time with whatever random recipes I’ve acquired over time. That works for a while, but not forever, as we’ve seen.

      I’m also going to venture into making cloth diapers. I’m sure that will be a blog post at some point. If I can do that successfully, I can sell those. Venture closer to things I enjoy doing (like crafting in general). It’s all part of this venture to not lose myself and my interests to being a mom.

      • Courtney says:

        I miss you too! I’m glad you’re blogging again – I feel like I get to keep up with you just a little bit. I love the idea of making something and selling it – I considered it for awhile (curtains and reusable bags) but my sewing machine and I are still more acquaintances than BFFs. But if you’re becoming an expert at something because you’re already making it for yourself, that seems like the right way to go.

        I’m sure you’re going to be just fine not losing yourself to being a mom- you’re already very intentional which is really the biggest part of the battle (or so I’ve heard).

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