An Open Thank You Letter to my Husband

Dear Husband,

Thank you. Thank you for everything you do for us, but most specifically, what you do for me.

Thank you for getting up every day and going to work for us, providing a house and food and clothes and running shoes and yarn.

Thank you for choosing to see past my results and into my intentions – whether it’s taking a few minutes to analyze a sharp tone of voice or careless word or watching the folded laundry basket pile grow and grow in the living room.

Thank you for being patient when that laundry pile grows and grows. Thank you for helping me put away clothes, which you know I dislike the most. Thank you for not grumbling too much when I don’t have time to sort folded clothes well and it’s kind of a surprise basket.

Thank you for loading up the washer with clothes you need if I haven’t done it yet instead of complaining about how I haven’t gotten the laundry done. Thank you for the reminders when you need clothes or laying your hockey gear in the middle of the laundry room so I won’t forget.

Thank you for taking the garbage out to the street every week so I don’t have to worry about. Or almost every week. 😉

Thank you for picking up the toys in the playroom when the mess gets to be too much for you instead of getting on my case about the cluttered mess.

Thank you for understanding that this staying home business isn’t quite as leisurely as it might seem. Thank you for speaking life into me when you told me that you see what I do even if I feel like I’m always behind or not doing enough. Thank you for seeing how much is juggled at home and not getting upset if I drop a ball or four for a few days.

Thank you for supporting my running. Thank you for standing behind me as I log mile after mile or begrudgingly finish my strength workout in front of an audience of a family and “not watching” when the only audience I expected was the baby. Thank you for always stepping up and babysitting the kids. 😉

Thank you for your patience as I try to figure out when the best time is to run – whether right when you get home or after bedtime. Or maybe sometime down the road, before you even leave for work.

Thank you for always being willing to pick up stuff from the store on the way home from work when I’m sure you’d rather just get home as soon as possible. Thank you for your appreciation of my efforts to keep the grocery bill low(ish) and provide a variety of meals.

Thank you for not complaining when I haven’t gotten supper started even though there’s very little reason for me to not get something thought up and started. Thank you for stepping up and making something.

Thank you for the attention you give to the kids. Our girl is always so excited for you to come home so she can play Hide or Run into Daddy or Bossypants or whatever game she has in mind. Thank you for your continual efforts to get me involved even though most of the time I’d rather just sit and watch you all (and internet a bit).

Thank you for actually looking at what I’ve knitted and giving an honest opinion instead of acting like you don’t care. Thank you for validating my hobbies and knowing that they are important to me.

Thank you for stepping in when I’ve come to the end of my patience for the day dealing with the kids. Thank you for reading the same stories over and over, every night before bed.

Thank you for reminding us to pray before supper and bed.

Thank you for never wife bashing with the other people you know who do that. Thank you for always choosing to honor me even though I am far, far from perfect.

Thank you for your always honest words, even if it’s not what I want to hear at the moment, because I know you say it because you care.

Thank you for listening to me talk endlessly about something I’ve heard or read or seen or wrote or watched. Thank you for being interested in what I have to say (or feigning it if you’re not). Thank you for being a sounding board for ideas.

Thank you for telling me you’re proud of me when you see me say something on the internet or defend a position. Thank you for not being stingy with supportive words and telling me how proud you are that I’m your wife.

I am proud of you and so proud that you are my husband. I am so grateful you don’t wonder what I do all day. I am so thankful you don’t complain when I fall short on a weekly basis. I am proud to call you my own and take up the mantle of your last name to change the course of the future for your family line. I so am proud to be your wife and to have you as the father of our children.

I love you so much and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years of our life together brings.

Love always,

Your Wife


2 thoughts on “An Open Thank You Letter to my Husband

  1. James says:

    An open response to my wonderful wife:

    Hi darling,

    You know I am not terribly gifted when it comes to the written word, but I feel like I should respond in this case.

    Thank you for the kind words. It is my honor and pleasure to do whatever I can to support you and the family.

    You thank me for being patient when you don’t get the laundry done during a busy day taking care of our family. I am GRATEFUL that you take care of it when you are able. I am GRATEFUL when you do all those chores and I don’t think for a minute that you aren’t doing “your job” if they pile up a little bit. We are a TEAM when it comes to our family. I love that you work so hard to take care of us and I know that YOU are the keystone of our family.

    I admire you, darling. In so many ways. You pour yourself into our family all day, every day. You are working so hard to better yourself as a Christian,a wife, a mother and as an athlete. I think it is awesome that you do all of the things you do for us and at the end of the day still think of us instead of yourself. Even if it would be more than fair not to!

    Anyway, I grow frustrated the more I write this as I struggle to use words to express just how much I love you and appreciate you. I fail miserably to fully express my feelings of gratitude, awe and love for you. I will likely never be able to articulate these things, and for that I am sorry. It does bring joy to my heart knowing that I come home to you every day and that you mean what I know so well. 😉

    Thank you darling. I love you.


    • cari says:

      I suppose I shouldn’t shout your awesomeness too loudly. You might get husbandnapped by some jealous lady.

      With God at our center, we can overcome anything, even piling up laundry. 😉

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