My 30 30s

It is already halfway through 2016! Can you believe it??

I have mentioned a couple times now my 30 30s, but have never managed to find the time to explain what that is, so I am going to introduce the project and do the halfway point recap.

My 30 30s is a challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the year because I turned 30 this year, just a few weeks ago, actually. I have 30 different categories somehow related to the number 30. For example, running 30 consecutive miles or doing 30 strength workouts, taking my dogs for 30 walks, taking my kids to the part 30 times, writing 30 pages of a novel, etc.

I have two items complete already, which is pretty cool. I’ve read 30 stories to Mae from her Children’s Bible and written 30 pages of a novel.

I have four categories with nothing in them yet. One is racing 30 miles, I haven’t raced yet this year. Another is my 30 consecutive mile run, which is tentatively scheduled for November. I have not been out to the gun range or the park yet this year, either with winter and young kids and such. I think I should be able to get that done this summer, though. Patrick is finally old enough to be left behind with someone for a few hours and he is also old enough to take to the park and I don’t have to stress about him eating something he shouldn’t. So I have committed now to making more park visits with all the kiddos on nice days. It will be nice for my daycare mom as well since she only lives  a block or two from the park, so she could just walk over and pick up daycare girl instead of having to drive the six blocks all the way across town to our house. The kids will really enjoy that too, I know.

I have 16 categories with at least 5 items completed, not including my completed categories, which means I have 12 with less than five, four of which have nothing.

I have five categories with more than 10 items completed. These are Yoga 30 times, Serving at church 30 times, Finishing 30 yarn projects, 30 blog posts, and 30 walks with the dogs. I count a walk with the dogs as a walk by itself and not a run. It’s a challenge after all, right?

I have three categories with 15 or more. Half done!! Those are serving, dog walks, and bog posts.

Those are the most. I have no categories with 20 or more that are not completed.


So, the big thing now, what am I learning?

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that this can only be completed one day, one decision at a time. It’s a big reminder that life is lived one decision to another. If I choose to not do something from one of these categories, what am I doing instead? Usually wasting time on the internet. I have realized, and even my husband pointed it out yesterday, that I am spending way too much time dinking around on the internet instead of being present in the moment.

I think that generally when I do that, it means it’s time for me to get out of the house and actually socialize with people. I think it’s my mind’s way of letting me know that I am craving some sort of interaction with people other than my immediate family. So, since I am lagging on friend dates (another category) anyway, it’s about time I schedule a few friend dates.

So, over this week, one day at a time, my focus is going to be trying to get away from checking my phone if I need to check out and doing something else off my 30 30s list. Do I need a minute? What about grabbing my guitar (another category) and singing some songs with the kids? What about reading a chapter or two from the Bible instead of scrolling through facebook? What about doing something thoughtful for my husband (another category) instead?

Every moment we have decisions to make, we get to decide who our future self is going to be. Do I want my future self addicted to the internet? No. I really don’t. I am only human and I screw up and slip up. Thankfully I have someone who loves me who is willing to say “Hey, I think you need to cool it with the technology a little” and I know he’s saying it in love and not in judgment.

What about you? Where is an area you want to grow? What are some goals you have? Who do you want your future self to be?


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