I have PART of a plan!

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Since the conception and inception of this blog, I have not really had a plan for it. I’ve had a dream of creating a community where people share life together, but no plan of how to do that. So for a year or so, I have been writing, blogging, sharing in random intervals with no real guiding direction or overarching plan. No road map.

That is pretty much how I live my whole – no real plan, just taking things as they come and trying to work it out. I have values that guide me, but no real plan. Anybody with an ounce of common sense will say that isn’t  a great or successful way to live life. (I know!) It sure makes me susceptible to the currents of the world, being tossed about in life like a wave in the sea (see James 1). I married a planner though, so it still works for me. Thank God for my husband. Seriously. Thank you.

Also, as many of you know, I am in the process of writing a few fiction novels. The beauty of writing novels is I can just sit and write (the term is ‘pantsing’) without planning. It’s how my brain works. It’s the beauty of the revision process. I don’t NEED a plan to write a story. However, if my goal is to create a real-life community, ‘no plan’ doesn’t cut it. I can’t pants my way into an online community. It has to be intentional. On purpose. Planned.

So, this is PART of my plan. The only part I know about right now anyway.

Step 1: Figure out how to create a community

How do I create a space where people share part of their lives with each other? A place where a quick button click doesn’t ever feel like enough. Where one is prompted to engage, to type words, to share. Perhaps I need to engage more with those who already read my blog. Perhaps I need to start there and begin to not only read but comment on the blogs of others? I feel like “I don’t have time” for that, but if it’s important, we make time, right? Just like reading. Just like writing. Just like yoga.

I think you get the picture.

For now, I am going to commit to reading and commenting more on the blogs of people around me already (that includes you guys! yay!). I’m not sure how good I’ll be or how often I’ll manage reading, but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

Step 2: Figure out how to connect my blog with my facebook page in a meaningful way.

How do I generate conversation, invite discussion, share life? I don’t really know how to do that yet, but I think I might have a trick or two up my sleeve. And they aren’t gimmicks. I want to engage with some thought provoking questions, perhaps. Or…other…things… that get people to talk. Clearly I have research to do. Perhaps questions that relate to whatever I’ve written lately. Or something interesting I read of someone else’s. I don’t know. Something.

Maybe this will work. Maybe it won’t. Maybe everyone has all the community they’re looking for.

But then again, maybe they don’t.

Maybe someone is looking for a community where he can reach out and others reach back. Maybe someone could use a little more positivity in her life.

I know that I’m no Rachel Martin or Becky Thompson or Jen Hatmaker, but I don’t need to be. I. Don’t. Need. To. Be (repeating for my benefit, not yours). Even so, we can still have community together. It can still be meaningful.

So friends, are you game? Are you up for taking a little journey together? Are you up for seeing where this goes and what happens?

I am. I hope you are too. I am really looking forward to what this next step will look like.


So, if you haven’t already, hop on over to facebook and check it out over there. I’m going to try to have some interesting questions  next week that will relate to the post I hope to have up on Monday. It’s in my head, just not written down yet.


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